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Julia Hartz

Founder & CEO, Eventbrite

Lucy proved to be an instrumental coach in helping me navigate my development from a thought partner to a thought leader.  She helped me identify the things that were holding me back from making bolder moves in my career development.  With Lucy's guidance, I was able to cultivate stronger relationships with my peers and be more effective as an executive and leader.

Naureen Seyal

Head of People Ops, Medium

Lucy has been a great asset for Medium.  Team members find her supportive, empathetic, knowledgeable, and generally wonderful to work with.  From 1:1 coaching sessions with managers to facilitating workshops in our leadership labs series, Lucy has provided us with valuable insights and frameworks that we can use on a regular basis (not to mention, her sessions have consistently been the favorites of the group).  I enjoy partnering with Lucy on our L&D needs and look forward to continuing to leverage her expertise as our company scales.

Myra Zheng

Head of People Ops, Flexport

Lucy is an amazing coach and great trainer! New managers are thrust into management roles without tools or resources to make them successful. Lucy lead a half day leadership bootcamp for all of managers and every single manager left the bootcamp feeling empowered. She presented tools that our managers can apply quickly to ensure that they're the best manager they can be for their team. Here are some quotes from our managers. 


"The situational leadership section was one of the most enlightening portions of the training and learning how to handle tough scenarios/conversations." "I liked the ideas of being a bit more tactful in handling conversations and how to calm emotions - looking forward to putting it into practice!" 

Kerry McCracken

Vice President, Business Architecture & Delivery, Flextronics

"If you are serious about wanting to take charge of your career and insure you bring the best possible you to work every day, hire Lucy.   Amazing things can happen from there!  She has a fantastic ability to mirror back to you the things you need to work on and give you real tools and techniques to make impactful changes that are right and natural for you.   Leadership does not truly come naturally.  It is a set of skills that can be learned through great coaches like Lucy."  


Katie Zhu

Product Manager, Medium

Lucy is amazing. She is kind, empathetic, and extremely sharp in helping me work through and solve problems. She is hands-on in every step of the process, asking incisive questions but giving me enough space to think through issues and come to proposed solutions on my own. Lucy is one of the best listeners I've met, I can spew a string of incoherent thoughts and she's able to cut through and pick out the salient details and get to the underlying problem. Not only does she help with the tactical things, Lucy also brings a wealth of knowledge about behavioral science and frameworks for my less concrete goals — achieving better focus, what it means to lead a team. She is an absolute joy to work with and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to do so.

Crystal Biagi

HR Director, One King's Lane

"I had the pleasure of working with Lucy in one-to-one coaching sessions. I was in a role with a lot of responsibility and ownership in an ever changing environment, was overseeing a team, and had primary business partners at the C-level. Lucy was phenomenal at helping guide me towards clarity and decisions. We would be working through a topic or challenge in which I would be completely stuck and Lucy would ask questions and probe in areas that led me to actionable and successful outcomes. She has this magical way of getting you unstuck in creative ways.  Not only was she brilliant in helping me be a better leader, she is truly a pleasure to be around."


Ryan Damico

Director of Platform, Box

"Lucy was easy to work with while being direct and engaging in our conversations. Through our coaching sessions, she has provided an invaluable perspective along with a practical set of tools for making progress in key areas of my development."


Shazz Bhunnoo

CEO, Spaces Property

"Working with Lucy was a paradigm shifting experience. She asked simple questions that uncovered profound realisations. She's had a significant practical impact on my day-to-day work. After a few months of Lucy's coaching, I successfully closed a multi-million dollar investment round and I'm moving towards my big vision. No matter how smart you are, or how many ideas you have, Lucy can help hone your focus and enhance your results."


Kulveer Taggar

CEO, Egomotion corp.

"Lucy's coaching helped me become a more effective CEO. She helps me to better communicate with employees, articulate my vision and even become more accountable to my personal goals. I'm continuously learning a lot from her and wish I'd started my coaching much earlier in my career.  I wrote a Medium post about my coaching with Lucy."

Pascal Levy-Garboua

CEO, SixDoors and Angel Investor

"When you are a founder, you tend to both feel lonely and too focused on the details vs. the big picture. Working with Lucy gives me an opportunity to step back, feel listened to, and make progress in how I lead my team and my Company. For first time founder or serial founders, I think Lucy will be a tremendous help and help you grow your Company!"


Megan Hohener

Private client

"I first spoke to Lucy when I was making a difficult decision about my next career move. Lucy was able to get to the core of the decision and helped me determine my strengths. We came up with a solid plan on how best to approach the current situation. She is incredibly clear and straightforward in her communication while also being very compassionate and encouraging. Since we met I've been able to make some major changes in my profession and I couldn't be happier."


Professor A. Richardson

Professor & Chair of Science in Enterprise, Royal Institution of Great Britain

“Lucy’s technical capabilities and personal capacity for professional empathy have enabled her to:

    - Coax out the real reasons for my under-performance in both my work and private life quickly, sensitively and constructively, putting the reasons for under-performance into a context where positive change becomes a natural progression

    - Be consistent in both her professional manner and the high quality of her reasoning – this seems to stem as much from the combination of her sharp intellect as from the inspired intuition which adds value to her many insights.

    - Have a real and useful business and scientific perspective to add to every coaching session. Being able to pitch this right is a skill which Lucy has truly mastered.”


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