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One on One Coaching

My one on one coaching increases the productivity, effectiveness and happiness of each individual through non-directive insightful questioning. My goal is to get you what you want without judgement or agenda. 


Coaches are not therapists or counselors. I support each person to help them achieve their goals, work through challenges, communicate effectively, understand themselves better, manage their time productively and lead their people. 


I begin my engagements by researching and writing a 360 degree personal feedback report with input from 5-6 people of your choosing. Private sessions will allow you to gain new perspective, set objectives, and access the support, guidance and accountability you need to achieve them.  


Engage in 90 minute, content-packed workshops on the most crititical topics for improving workplace performance and communication. The workshops, for groups of 5-25 people, are designed to be fast paced, interactive and fun. Each workshop allows the group to use their real-life examples as a case study to help them think about how they can take what they learned and use it immediately​.


Our most popular sessions include:

Management 101, Time and Energy Management, Crucial Conversations & Giving Feedback, Handling Conflict, Facilitating Group Discussions and Learn to Coach.


There's time built into each section to tailor the discussion to the individual and the company, encouraging the group to share best practices with each other. The content is based on the most recent scientific research on human behavior and interactions, and is designed to optimize learning and recollection.


Custom workshops are also available and longer programs to teach coaching as a leadership skill. 

Executive Facilitation

If you have a difficult decision to make as a group or a tricky problem to resolve then having a facilitator can help. We provide structure to make sure the meeting stays on track, emotions are kept in check and - where possible - outcomes and actions are clear.


We also help teams increase their productivity by sitting in on meetings, especially when emotions run high. We provide feedback on helpful and unhelpful communication and make suggestions on how to improve where required. 

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